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What I’m Looking Forward To: Life After Life After Death



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In this companion book to Heaven and Hell, David Pawson continues with the subject of the life to come, which despite being integral to the Christian faith is too often neglected. David considers the biblical teaching on the last things (death, judgment, heaven, and hell) and the challenges posed to the Christian in the modern world. In doing so, he asks penetrating questions such as:

What does the Bible teach about resurrection?

What happens immediately after death?

Did Jesus really go to hell?

The book also features interviews with two professionals whose work has brought them face to face with bereavement - a doctor and a funeral director. In response to David’s searching questions, they offer candid first-hand accounts and insights about the challenges faced by the Christian in secular work environments and reveal ways in which their faith informs their view of mortality. They also share their observations about the effects of bereavement while revealing how their belief in the life to come provides solace.

David also responds to a series of questions from other Christians about the afterlife. In doing so, he goes straight to the heart of the Christian faith, often covering subjects that are overlooked or ignored in churches. Some of his answers may surprise you!

This book is an invaluable resource for newcomers to the faith and more mature Christians alike.


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